Alienware 17 r4 i7 7700hq gtx 1070 horrible boot times access times

i had an Asus g751jy a 4th gen i7 and a nvidia GTX 965m, and I tell ya it booted in one windows loop you know the little circle thing that spins around and with my AW17 takes up to 5 times and I even have raid 0 M.2 drives, my read is over 1,000 and write is about 700, this system should be loading windows in one heart beat and well it doesnt, also file and folder access is slow or hangs before it can get information which talks me its the motherboard and crappy brands being used so im very disappointed, the only thing I can say is I havent seen not one issue from what ive read the AW17R4 has more problems then most laptops however I must be lucky. Anyways just my 2 cents, I am currently looking for a new gaming laptop the area 51 looks great but reviews are reporting seeing high temps in the 100's while gaming they need to get better cooling platform designed here or else there flagship will end up burning ur house down


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Sounds like something isn't right with your 17. Have you tried looking for updated drivers from Dell?
I believe they have fixed the initial issues they were having with certain 51M's catching fire. Time will tell though I guess.
i have aw 17 r4 and it is slowwwwwwwwwwwww
i sent it back and they found no issues.i have a old gateway dual core 8 gig ram loaded with software its probably 10 yrs out boots my aw 17 in a flash.
i will never buy alienware is a pos for sure.
i was excited to get it but now i just hate to use it.everything is so slow killer wireless sucks and the 16 gb ram seems like 2 gb.
i have reinstalled windows crap 10 twice updated all the drivers keep all the clutter deleted have no games installed and it is horrible.
i have one gig internet but this thing wont recieve but only 700mb download..
dell should be under law suit for selling this 50lb boat anchor.hell you cant even put it on your lap without your legs going numb.
i havent had mine but 7 months and absoutely hate it