Alienware 17 R4 Issues and full system replacement questions


Apr 14, 2012
Hello chaps,

I just received my 17 R4 about few weeks ago. Had some issues out of box i will describe below. My config are

i7 7820HK, GTX 1080, 32GB ram 2x 256gb nvme drive and a 2TB seagate barracuda.

White patch on the screen (not pixels) it was a proper bright group of pixels on dark images. Constant overheating and freezing up with "DPC watchdog error" in windows 10. Killer wifi constantly dropping out of the system when its stressed LOLand etc.
So i called Dell UK to arrange a service, they pointed me to the latest bios 1.2.4 regards to the overheating as i just updated a day before to 1.2.3 i had no idea of the new . It didnt solve the issue my core temps were 15-25c apart on core 0-2 and core 1-4 very bad. The rep asked me to send a few pics and take a vid if possible, and they arranged an engineer to come out with a new Display, mainboard+heatsink and a new intel AC8260 wifi+bt card. When the engineer came he didnt had the display only the rest of the parts. He took the laptop apart in about 1 hour as he had no idea where to start. and during assembly he trapped the cpu fan between the heatsink and the mainboard plus the new heatpad was folded into itself on the CPU FETs. I only know that because after he left i tried to play games and my laptop shut off instantly. Oh great. So i had to disassemble it myself to find out what the heck he did wrong. I took pictures and called dell and sent them to customer service, carefully investigate the options of what will they say.So a few days after another engineer turned up with my new display, during the operation he broke the new wifi card and the radiator shroud the wifi i just got last week from dell so not really happy this time also. He called dell to get a replacement asap out to me. Few days it arrives so i can have wifi again. After the engineer left i noticed that the new display is leaking light everywhere on the corners its an AUO109B panel instead of the original Sharp panel. Freaking great, call dell again for waste 1 hour on diagnostics and troubleshooting with a guy reading a script what to do. Sending pictures again and etc this time a lady i am talking to and she sees only one sharp panel available as spare and its in taiwan, so she have to reserve it. Few days later i got the engineer call that he is front of the house GOOOD. i closed the laptop and let him in. He just wanted to see the lcd fault so he rebooted my laptop, this time to only give us a few beeps indicating that the display is not existent anymore.(its dead) LOL never mind he is got the new panel anyway so he put the panel in and its working. No light bleed and anything but now i cannot use intel vga as its gives artifacts on the display. never mind i will switch to permanently to nvidia gpu. but the bezel is wrong, my old new bezel is not fit for the new sharp panel 3mm of the display disappears under the top bezel. Few days late i receive the bezel on post, good. Now almost my issues are gone I have repasted my laptop with kryonaut and gelid thermal pads and balanced the cpu hotplate so is now not getting over 80c and all my cores are equal temps. Question is how many main parts replacement we can have before i can request a full unit replacement? So far i had, for a laptop that has built in 10/2017 and i purchased it 02/2018
1x mainboard withheatsink,
1x killer wifi,
1x display with lid,
1x intel wifi,
1x uhd ldc panel,
1x lcd ribbon,
Probably i will wait for the R5 to arrive with 8th gen cpu and start reporting issues and get it swapped to R5 just hope that R5 will have dedicated parts like they had before swappable cpu and gpu, and not all in part soldered to mainboard its a idiot idea.
Three repairs will do can email - he will not receive it but it will get picked up by the people who will see that you get help. Let them know nicely..that you only expect them to stand by their product that you purchased in good faith. They will make you an offer for a replacement, sometimes they will offer an upgrade for your trouble. Also it could be referbished my advice is take it. Has full warranty and would be a better model. Up to you. I have had years of dealing with dell's Alienware line selling close to 40 notebooks and desktops from Dell-Outlet on Ebay. They have allways been fair even if it takes a little work on your part. Once they get your email they will call or email you with in 24hrs to work things out so make sure you give it. Hope this helps and good luck.