Alienware 17 R4 (Possible Motherboard repair??)


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Nov 3, 2018
Alienware 17 R4 (Possible Motherboard repair??)
Hello fellow Alienheads maybe you guys can help me out here... TY in advance.

Alienware 17,R4 (Possible Motherboard repair??)
Laptop was dropped and went I went to turn it on LCD was messed up. So i ordered a oem LCD and replaced it,.
Went to turn it on, It was looking good the "Alienware" logo turned on but went through some sort through a Bios update or memory (? It was so late and I was tired... forgot) some sort of update...Then said it could not boot, SySTEM shutdown.
----I know my battery life is low so during this time, my Alienware was flashing from low battery, I frantically grabbed the adapter and plugged it in.... The laptop was able to perform the update mentioned above but did not detect the adapter withe the normal light when I plugged it in.----------
Now, the laptop will not boot. With or without the adapter plugged in. Tried the battery reset for power surge with not luck.
Does this sound like a bad motherboard? Can a SSD cause this?
Anyway, I'm ordering a adapter and SSD, maybe a battery to diagnose but I was hoping for some sort of advice