Alienware 17 R4/R5 m.2 and HDD Drive bay MOD !WARNING! not for faint-hearted


Apr 14, 2012
Alienware 17 R4 mod
!! WARNING !! If you do this it WILL void warranty and support.
This mod involves a dremel Stanley knife steady, precise hands and observation what you doing.

This is my latest mod on my 17-R4 unit late 2018 model, i7 8720HK, 32 GB Ram GTX 1080, 4K UHD display, Tobii, Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut repaste. I have tree years warranty still as i have a spare (rib cage) for mine and all modification can be made seemless if i need to. The factory 1TB HGST drive become puny , the 2TB seagate mobile drives.... well i had 4 of them failed on me recently. so, reliability is questionable at this point, the 4TB wd drives dont have SATA ports so the only one I could trust and i could fit, is a 4TB BarraCuda from a USB 3.0 enclosure LOL

1 st I've cut out the bottom base of the hdd bay to accommodate a non standard 15mm 2.5" Seagate Barracuda ST4000LM024 4TB for storage.
2 nd cut out the SSD1 slot base cover that was wrong totally reducing the bay to a 2242 m.2 slot which is useless as it is. Making space for a full 2280 drive in the future.
3 rd creating a mounting bracket for the screw hole that will fix the 2280 drive in the bay.
4 Put the laptop back together and enjoy.

All sockets working fine with NVMe and SATA drives too.

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