alienware 17 r9 m290x review with a few of my benchmarking results


Jan 29, 2014
just chiming in to give my results on the r9 m290x equiped alienware 17
got my alienware on febuary 24th 2014 and started benchmarking it and such from day on,specs are core i7 4700mq,amd r9 m290x,windows 7, 16 gigs of ddr 3 ram, all bone stock no oc yet.

benchmarks-1920x1080 all settings maxed out

THIEF-avg fps-41.3
CRYSIS 3-20.5
total ware rome 2-27.7 fps average
these are all i ran, am going to run the more common ones such are future mark 11 when i get the chance, all in all i am pleased with the r9 m290x, seeing as how its still on the crap day 1 drivers...