Alienware 17 restore dvd from dell


Sep 19, 2013
My son haven't received it yet brought it in Sept 14 , shipped date is October 14.
My son cant stand window 8 , this laptop is for him I and sold his M11x R2 on craiglist for 550.00 he a senior in high school now and its for his Christmas , birthday ( Feb ) , high school graduation and for college next year present.

His Spec :
Alienware 17 - Core i7 4800 MQ @ 4.0 Ghz, 16GB DDR3L 1600Mhz, 256GB boot SSD, 750GB HDD, nVidia GTX 780m, 1920x1080 3D glossy display, Blu-ray ROM, Windows 7 , 4 years warranty and 4 years accidental warranty. 20% off the packages. will get 200 in promotional gift card.

Also dell gift card is your best friend :
I had brought $3200 dollars of dell gift card and for every $400.00 I get 75.00 dell promotional gift card.
With the $600.00 dell promotional gift card I brought 5 xbox 360 Grand theft auto V and 5 ps3 grand theft auto 5 with 10% off each game and free shipping and sold 8 of it on craiglists for 50.00 a piece and kept 2 one for my son and one for my nephew.
Made $400 cash and I also will get $25.00 promotional gift card per grand theft auto V game purchased. So be getting $ 200 total in promotional gift card back.


Sep 26, 2013
They should have shipped 2 DVD's with it, one is the Alienware Windows DVD and that DOES NOT have all the driveres preinserted into the windows install. You will still have to install the peripherals like your wireless, ethernet, gpu, card reader, Alienware Command Center, OSD, etc....but it should all come on the drivers disk. Your best bet is to go online and get all the updated drivers first and then do the reinstall so you have all the latest drivers.

What they do pre-install for you with the Windows DVD is the Alienware look and feel, like the start up and shut down screens etc.