Alienware 17 - Windows 10

Would upgrade your system to Windows 10

  • Yes! I'll take anything free

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  • No! Technical issues

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Jun 2, 2015
I am running with the Windows 10 Insider Preview and I can tell you that all reference drivers for Windows 8.1 will work in Windows 10....including the OSD, Alienfx, the whole shebang.

The only Windows 10 driver I needed was for Nvidia GTX 980M.
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Jun 5, 2016
Hello Guys, it was nice to join this group.

Im just a newbie here and i have a 2014 model Alienware 17 (i think R1), having 860m GPU and runner ng Windows 7. My question is, should i avail the free upgrade to Windows 10, because i'm receiving prompts daily.

Thanks and appreciate if you can share the pros and cons on upgrading my Alienware to Windows 10

Mods: I hope im posting on the right thread. Cheers
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