Alienware 17r3 2.5" SSD Upgrade


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Apr 4, 2015
Hi everyone

First post on the forum , has anyone upgraded the 2.5" HDD inside the laptop? I have the 17r3 that came with a 1tb 7200 drive and I am trying to replace the drive with a Crucial SSD from my old M17x R4. When the Sata connection is set to ACHI the SSD cannot be seen by the BIOS. When I set the Sata type to raid the SSD can be seen in the BIOS but I cannot install anything as I cannot find the correct raid drivers.

I have tried other Alienware/Dell Drivers but it will not find the SSD when installing Windows.
I have tried running in AHCI mode and adding the drivers during the windows install but it does not find the drive as it is not detected in the BIOS.
I Have tried re-installing a factory image on the machine, This did not as the SSD was not in the BIOS and the factory image does not include raid drivers
I have tried the SSD in another laptop to make sure it was working (17r3 bios detects the drive in Raid Mode only).
I have wiped the drive and made it bootable using diskpart from within windows using the ssd as an external hdd but still the same issue.

I have now run out of things to try, Anyone done this before that may know what I am doing wrong.


Josh G

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Jul 27, 2016
Look at it this way- OS drivers have absolutely nothing to do with BIOS detection. Check Dell release notes to ensure there were no BIOS/firmware updates addressing this. (I don't usually update a BIOS/Firmware without cause or good reason.) Try another SSD. Perhaps the Crucial SSD you have has an available firmware update? There isn't a whole lot to look at here. I'd lean towards the SSD as the culprit here.