ALienware 18 3dmark benchmarks

I posted this on another board too, it was fun to see what scores fellow alienware owners scored. So far this is my highest score with my alienware 18 laptop. My rig is alienware 18 with i7 4930MX Extreme edition overclocked the four cores to 44,44,44,44 all with hyper-threading on. 32 gigs of ram, and (TWO) 2 NvidiA gtx 780m'S (4GB) in SLI. The GPU's are overclocked to 1050mhz, and the VRAM is at 1500mhz.

3dmark Firestrike = 9536 my graphics score = 11809, physics score = 11189, combined score=3579.

Here is the link with proof,

Lets see what my fellow alienware owners have. Post your results.