Alienware 18 drivers question

Hello guys !

I'm a new member , and just order a brand new Alienware 18 today , and I should have it by tomorrow .
The laptop comes with Windows 8 , and I'm not a big fan of it (sorry) , and I want to start downloading the drivers in preparation for tomorrow .
Can someone please direct me to a page or thread from this forum regarding the Windows 7 drivers ?

Thank you in advance !
Yeah windows 8 is a bit ordinary in many ways,was there a reason why you didnt order it with windows 7? If you go to your local Dell website you can download all the drivers there.

hey .
thanx for your reply .
i got my Alienware 18 today , and it's superb , it looks like sculpted .
the laptop came with Win 8 preinstalled , i had no chance to chose between 7 or 8 , as the laptop is sold by a Dell retailer.

what i can say , for future noobs like me , is that there are 3 CDs coming with the laptop : 1 is windows 8 recovery , 1 is called Resource DVD (grey Alien skull - it has the win 7 & 8 drivers) and 1 has some DVD software .
so calm down , if not , this is the direct website ! :D

Alienware FTW !