Alienware 18 Need help


New Member
Sep 15, 2016
Hi guys hope I am in the right place.

Have a few noob questions if anyone could answer or help would be great.
First My rig is: 2013 model with 770m sli

Q1.) Is there a list of compatible cpu's for the model and can it run the i7-6000 series??
Q2.) What is the best ram for me?
Q3.) can you mix and match gpu's eg. a 770m with a 980m (I have access to a 8gig 980m card)will that work in non sli? or do they need to match?
Q4.) can a r3 motherboard be put in a r1 chassi>?

If nothing else hope you guys get a giggle out of these questions.

Thanks for the help.