Alienware 18 Screen Issue


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Jul 6, 2014
Cal, USA
Hi, I just recently bought a laptop from you and soon as I started, it appeared to have problems that slowly escalted the last month since then. My screen appears to have a high contrast, grainy quality and sometimes if I turn it off without logging in the next I turn it on a blue screen appears, telling me I didn't download something correct or some other type of error - this hasn't appeared lately as the grainy screen though. It used to be almost easy to deal with but now appears every time I have turned on my laptop. Please, help. I'm losing so much patience with Alienware.


Feb 2, 2012
Hello and welcome to AWO. We are not affiliated with Alienware/Dell Corporation. We are just a group of Alienware owners and enthusiasts who are here to help each other out. I do not own an Alienware 18 but someone who does will chime in to help you soon.
I would take advantage of the warranty I've had a similar issue on my last laptop. When I researched the problem it seemed like the invertor but it turned out to be a cable. If you have an external monitor plug that in and see if that same thing happens. If it does it could be the graphics card but if the external works fine its the screen related (which could be cable, invertor).
Definitely Use the warranty. They will send a local tech to come and replace it. I had something similar when I got mine. They came and replaced it but left some "hotspots" in the new screen. I told them I want it fixed and they came AGAIN with new parts until I was satisfied. Great service for sure! :)