Alienware Area 51 ALX


Jan 9, 2013
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-1) Top Left PowerBoard 2) AlienFX MIO Board 3) Cables with tags-

Top Left Powerboard (power cables): there's a four foot long cable pair: take black 20pin & white 10pin, plug into top left powerboard; take opposite ends, 24pin black & 10pin white, plug into MIO FannConn1 & VGA SEN1
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Note: FanConn1 has a 3-wire (org ylw grn) 4pin that plugs into motherboard CPU_Fan header

Top Vents Assembly: there's a 2foot long cable trio labeled Vent Switch, Vent Motor, Vent light. Plug the ends in with tags / labels into MIO board (photo), run the other ends up to the top right roof area where u find the corresponding trio of connectors, up above the 3.5" bay

Liquid cooling: plug the rad-fan & liquid cooler into top left powerboard in spots shown (CPU_LC_Pump & sys_fan2)

For others, most cables have a label, see if any correspond to the MIO board chart. Note MIO needs 10pin power (P22, 5x5)

Not shown in my photos:

CPU 8pin. It's four feet long, blu/wht/blk wires in a white 8pin connector. Run that to your motherboard top left CPU 8pin header

Others are for your GPU/GPUs (P16 etc)

SATA HDD Connex.jpg
Bluetooth Radio: bolt it to the front of your case (to the right of the PCI fan) when the front panel is removed & see the tear down video & your service manual
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