Alienware Area51 new member, keep or sell?


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Jul 9, 2021
I bought my son an Alienware Area51 in 2009 from Best Buy. I recently “traded” for this box. ( he really wanted an AR headset) he has some special needs so I try to provide for him the best I can.

I have been using it for iRacing but of course it is marginal at best. It has upgraded memory 12meg and an upgraded video card, MSI RX580, 8 meg.

I have tried to read up on this PC but I’m a little confused as to which one it is…. The forums refer to R1 R2 and so forth, but I’m not sure what I have. It’s not an ALX, the innards are bright steel not black.

I have thought about trying to upgrade it, but for what I need it’s really an overkill. All I need is processor, vid card and one hard drive.

what are your thoughts?

does it have much value ?
I’m pretty sure we have the original AW keyboard and the original video card.

this has been an awesome PC, I think it was $3,100 in 2009, when we bought it it was based on it lasting for years without needing any upgrades, when we bought it Alienware was separate company from dell, but they had just purchased them. Luckily my bet paid off, my wife didn’t kill me and my son got many years of enjoyment with it.

I was computer literate YEARS ago when a 486/DX2 66 processor was current I have lost touch with the latest and greatest but the concepts make sense. ( and I still remember how to configure the autoexec.bat file). My first computer I added a sound blaster card to play Indy car racing, I connected the rca outputs to a Sansui 120 watt integrated amp and 3ft tall college speakers. Wife heard it when she pulled in driveway!

sorry for the ramblings…. Thought some of the youngins might enjoy hearing about the ancient times!

thanks in advance for any guidance
Be Blessed
Hi there!

Honestly, if the Area 51 is still chugging along well, I would just keep on running it. With the original hardware, I think you can keep using Win10 until it retires in 2025. The only downsides i suppose with the Area 51s is that it can be noisy, especially if all the fans are running at full blast. But for your day to day applications, you don't need the fan to operate so hard. The other downside obiously is the size and weight of the CPU. Its huge and heavy. I've kept mine on the floor since Day 1.

If you do want to let it go, the system itself may not bring much money but the casing can still fetch a pretty penny. At least thats what i found.