Alienware Aurora ALX motherboard replacement inquiry


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Jan 1, 2014
Hello everybody! A few months ago I tried to do a Bios update on my Alienware from version A04-A11. As soon as the Bios started, the worst thing happened & my pc completely froze. Hoping that the problem may fix itself, I let it sit there for an hour before I finally manually powered it down. When I tried to reboot it, my worst fear came true & I believe my motherboard was fried in the process. When it turns on, the fans will all power on & run at full speed, & only the Alienware lights below the cd drives & the alien head will light up, but nothing ever happens. I've tried doing a jumper reset & had no luck, & at this point I realized I'm going to probably have to replace the motherboard.

Here's my question: My motherboard model number is 4VWF2, & the cheapest I can find online are around $150-$200 for a refurbished one. However, after a little more research I found another Alienware Aurora ALX motherboard that looks exactly the same as mine, & has the same specs, but a completely different model number: H869M. The H869M I have found for as low as $80, & I want to know if anybody has tried to swap the 4VWF2 with the H869M & had any problems, or if it worked ok? Or if anybody can see any difference between these 2 cause I can't seem to find the answer anywhere.



Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Are they for the same revision of the ALX? It's not for the R2 or R3 is it? That would be the only issue I could see and maybe the reason for the price difference.
You could always try an aftermarket mobo too which suits your CPU.
Also, often when updating you BIOS you need to update gradually. Sometimes there are updates before the current one which must be done first. Not sure this is the case with yours. Could be a reason for the issue. It should tell you in the installation instructions.