Alienware Aurora R1 GPU Upgrade.

Hi everyone! I plan on doing an upgrade on my GPU sometime in the near future (End of year to be exact). My question is if I do change my old GPU will the newer GPU will it be compatible with the Aurora R1's motherboard and/or will there be any bottleneck issues if I did get a later model GPU. I'm thinking about getting either the Radeon HD 7970 or the Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 not sure yet. Let me know of any information thanks.
Yeah I was guessing that too MattyB, but since the GPU I am planning to get is a lot newer then the one you and I have I was being cautious about it. On top of that I hear a lot about new hardware that comes out 4-5 years later they tend to not be compatible with something older like my R1 for example. It will probably be able to fit and be installed but some drivers might get bottle necked when installing new drivers and it won't be compatible with my older R1 system. I doubt that will happen, but I always like to ask noob questions on here so you experts in AO can give me reassurance so that way I can go buy one with a sound mind that it won't happen. But thanks for the reply and your experience on your setup it does help me. I will do more research about it also, but if anyone else also upgraded there GPU on an older Aurora System like mines and MattyB please let me know what was your experience. Thank you in advance = )
Check it out guys n gals I plan on getting one of these graphics card for my Aurora R1. What do you guys think of the XFX HD Black Edition R7970 GHZ 3GB. It's either this or this I love the SOC White Edition look on the Galaxy GeForce GTX 680, but then again I love the Black Edition too and there both good GPU's so I'm undecided lol