Alienware Aurora R3 ALX - Do we need to connect some Wires for AlienFX Leds and the Active Venting ?


Jul 9, 2018

I have an Alienware Aurora R3 ALX (ailerons Active venting on the Top of the case = ALX) i custom with an new motherboard, an custom watercooling, an 1200 watts PSU and many other things...

- I dont keep any fans from the alienware,
- i dont want (if it is possible) to use any fan connectors, pump connector or thermal connectors etc...To only use the fans connectors of my Asus motherboard


I want to know if i need by obligation/minimum to make work (the MIO card) the AlienFX Leds control and The Thermal Control (I am using "Only" the Active Venting Ailerons on the top motor system i let always Max open and in Manual mode (never automatic)) to plug some cables/wires ?

+ If i rember well we need by obligation to plug the MIO USB cable (name on the cable: "MASTER IO") to the first internal USB 1 of the motherboard to feed the MIO card.
+ And let me know if i am wrong an 4Pins white connector plug (look like an 4pins fan) comming from the MIO Card and going to an fan connector..? THis one i dont remeber where to plug it and "If i need to plug it regardind my setup...?"

4pins mio.jpg
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