Alienware Aurora R3 ALX - HDD and Power Leds dont Blinking... :(


Jul 9, 2018
Hello all.

I need your help to know why my 2 leds (Power Led and HDD Led) dont blink or even turn on when i start or use the computer ?

my case is an Alienware Aurora R3 ALX i replace since long time now the motherboard by an Asus Maximus VII Gen, i am using an custom watercooling etc...

i custom my wires case (hdd led, power switch, power led) folowinf the electronic 5x5 dupont JFP1 to each one to an normal 2 pins connectos we can found in all non constructor case.

my wires.jpg

pin motherboard.jpg

Unfortunatly the 2 leds dont blink at all or even make any lights....

Do you have please an electronic shema to know how the blink conector "on the MIO card" is ? like where are the pins on the MIO card: the Rlack, Rrown (or Tan) and Red ? like where is "-" or "+" etc... ? to know if is not something wrong.

I know i am not the only one who dont have his led blinking since i replace the mother board... then maybe we need to swith the wires on the HDD led and the Power led 2 pins Connectors to solve this issue ?
Is strange like on this picture the Black on the power led and the hdd led are both the "+" wires and the brown (or tan) the "-"... (Those wires are going to the blink switch to plug it on the MIO card).

if you have any information about this please let me know, it will help i think many peoples.