Alienware Aurora R3 ALX - Leds dont turn off when i turn off the computer... :(

Jul 9, 2018
Hello all

i have an Alienware Aurora R3 ALX and an Asus Maximus VII Gene (will probably update it when the new Z390 will be on the market)

Actualy my Leds of the case dont turn off when i turn off the computer. To turn off on Windows 10 (last update, i have the same issue under windows 8.1..) i realy go under windows 10 and click on turn off or push the power button who in the configuration of windows 10 or 8.1 i custom it turn off.. no hibernate or energy saving...

if i rember well when i was under windows 7 and probably too i had an older Asus the Maximus V or VI Gene... i dont had this issue when i click on turn off is no any led stay On. Actualy is like blinking slowly by wave (red or orange and black... This is an problem when the computer is in the room... even is slow wave lite you feel in dark like you are in a Nightclub/Discotech without the music the girls and alhool :(

here is the direct link of th emanual of my motherboard:

thank you for your help ;)