alienware aurora r4 3 monitor problem


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Nov 9, 2014
The problem is, everything was working good, but the middle monitor had yellow tint to it so I think it might be the cable, which was a dvi to hdmi cable, the other 2 were hdmuand okay bright white.
so I figured i ordered a display port to hdmi to use in place of that cable. But it didn't even read the screen on top of that 1 of 3 monitors has an orange screen, so I put back everything back to where it was, then I still had the orange screen. So, I did a factory restore and I'm now working with the resources DVD and that's were I'm stuck I don't which drivers to install.

I haven't even check on the orange screen yet because only one screen working ATM.

thanks for reading and any reply would help out.

I'll keep an update to if anything change

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Okay I got 3 screens working but the NVIDIA 760 TI drivers are not installed yet, here's the problem, when I install the drivers from the resource DVD about 30% the screen turn off and one turns on, then it shows the loading screen then the screen is black and the mouse pointer frozen, I don't know what to do now, it's been 10min now and it's stuck on that screen with the frozen mouse pointer. And seems like one of the fan is loud. Should I want further or hard reset it and find new drivers? On the dell site or NVIDIA website?