Alienware Aurora R4 Display Issues

Fox Mulder 33

New Member
Jun 12, 2015
For a while now my CPU temperatures have been way too high, when idle about 65-70 degrees Celsius, and tried to replace the thermal paste on the CPU. I think I did it right, but now there is no signal to the monitor while the light on the graphic card itself is lit.

I had searched around for similar issues of overheating and found, when I checked the same gel had blocked the same side as in the pictures and had it cleaned.

After all the cleaning and reapplying of thermal paste I put everything back the way it was and now the computer won't send signals to the monitor. When I start it the fans begins at full effect and quickly goes quiet again, very much like it did when everything was working properly.

Unless I have missed something obvious, wrong cord at the wrong place, I intend to turn it in to a repair shop as I am at a loss, any ideas of what it can be?


Jul 31, 2015
Check the additional power cable to the GPU but also check the additional power cable to the mother board for the CPU. Without this being plugged back in the PC will appear to boot but you will not get any display. It will appear as if the monitor is not signaled to kick on.