Alienware Aurora R5 Liquid Cooling install


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Jan 26, 2017
Dell's customer service is fantastic, except when you ask them about purchasing Liquid Cooling ala carte for the Aurora R5. It's kind of surprising as only the high end Aurora R5's come w/ liquid cooling, and therefore I would think that question get's asked quite often.

Regardless, has anyone purchased an Aurora R5, without Liquid Cooling, and later on looked into, and / or perhaps actually installed Liquid Cooling for their processor? The PSU fan does get loud, and the liquid cooling would ideally be more effective. Did you have to go through Dell, 2nd Hand market from other Alienware, or 3rd party Liquid Cooling altogether? From my understanding Dell, or Alienware used custom PSU Liquid Cooling attachments, and tubing, thereby forcing users to go through Dell, or HELL... by using 3rd party fittings that are too long.


Mar 19, 2012
Haven't had any experience with the R5 but I built a few R4 liquid cooling loops. I did custom loops with 3rd party parts. Only way to go in my opinion. More expensive than pre-built closed loops but way more rewarding.