Alienware Aurora R6 aftermarket motherboard


Mar 10, 2018
I acquired a Aurora R6 case and trying to get the LEDs and the power switch going.

So far only have the power switch working.

My motherboard has standard front panel connector with power switch, Pwr LED, hdd LED etc.

I am numbering the LED controller connector from red wire being number 1.
To get the power switch working connect black (8) and brown (4) from the led controller connector on the case to the power switch connections on the motherboard.

Other observations.

These wire are going directly to the left panel LEDs on the case

red -1
white - 2
yellow -12
grey - 9
purple - 5
blue - 6

Have not figured out the right panel wires yet.

But there are two connectors going to right panel LEDs vs only one to the left panel LEDs. Wonder why.

So far the connector pinout

1. red - Left LED panel
2. white - Left LED Panel
3. Green - ? Connected to black wire too. Ground?
4. Brown - Power Switch
5. Purple - Left LED Panel
6. Blue - Left LED Panel
7. Yellow - ?
8. Black - Power Switch, Also connected to green? Wonder if this is groun
9. Grey - Left LED Panel
10. Grey - ?
11. Orange - ?
12. Yellow - Left LED Panel

Below is the main connector picture. Ignore the wires connected, I was testing something.


Below two are wires going to right side panel LEDs.
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Mar 10, 2018
More pictures and some more testing

I think green and black are ground. Left LED panel is the simplest to use for figuring it out. If it is a RGB LED logic, then we have V+, R G B and Gnd to deal with. Now I need to figure out which is which