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AlienWare awesomeness how I miss thee...


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Oct 18, 2016
I have not bought an Alienware since Dell bought them back in 2006 as I was pretty sure they would destroy the AlienWare awesomeness. My ASUS ROG just died, may it's crappy build quality soul rest in peace, so I finally went ahead and dropped over 2k on a top of the line AW R4 17" this month. I just got it today and I am sorry to say my suspicions of what Dell did to Alienware has been confirmed. The build quality so far is horrendous. My UHD screen has discoloration all around the screen edge where it meets the bezel as if the fasteners that hold it on place are over torqued. This is especially bad under the webcam where the bezel actually has a very noticeable lump and gap between the scree and bezel like if something is stuck under there causing a separation. The right rear cooling fan is also making an odd noise like if there is a foreign object in there being struck by the fan blades making a noise akin to a kid putting a playing card in the spokes of his bike wheel. I owned an R1 and R2 both 17's in the past. Those things were built like TANKS, I mean no holds bard cool looking kick your butt TANKS with speakers that would make you the envy of the other gamers. It was a sexy sexy machine that even came in Nova red for a time. Then 2006 roll's around and in steps Dell... This goober is all plastic and the aesthetics are... much like the speakers, disappointing. Even the colors on the keyboard appear to be washed out and not so bright. I hope there is an adjustment for the brightness on the LED's. Still tooling around getting to know this expensive and cheaply finished prostitute of a computer. I must say I am deeply disappointed so far. Performance is damn good but that's it, it all ends right there, everything else is a let down, a pale faded comparison of the AlienWare of old. I miss my Aluminium sexy Tank, should have hung on to it. Anyone else have the screen and fan noise issue? I mean RIGHT out of the box too........ Who ever designed this this needs to take a long hard look in the mirror, and slap him/her self. I have submitted 2 separate email tickets covering both aforementioned issues, lets see what customer service is like. I wounder if you can put the guts of this thing in an older model... Or 3D print my own, DAMN IT now I have to get a 3D Printer and try... Stupid brain making spend money...
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