Alienware Backpack for M18 and peripherals


Jul 23, 2013
Last July I bought an Alienware 18. Along with this i purchased the Mouse, Keyboard, headset and also the backpack.
This my not be the correct forum to ask this question so please forgive or move it.

One of the shoulder straps on the back pack has begun to fray badly and i am afraid to use the bag in case it comes apart altogether.

Having just spoken to Alienware suppport and then to Dell. They told me to go and buy a new one as the bag is not covered by warranty.

Am I just stupid thinking the Backpack I bought with the system should last me a lot longer than 10-11 months and that a replacement should be offered?

Am not very happy at being told to wait while they transfer me so i can go and buy a NEW one... The only extra weight in the bag is an Ipad and a memory stick...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated...


Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Not sure about the UK but in Australia there is legislation for all companies to provide a suitable warranty for all items purchased by consumers. I believe that the minimum requirement is 12 months. This does not include 'wear and tear' though so AW may use this as the excuse not to honor any warranty.
Alienware have a history of providing sub-par bags for their machines. The older style ones had an issue where the plastic buckles would snap causing the bag to fall to the floor damaging what was inside.


Jul 23, 2013
Here are some of the things I have told to do By Dell over the past few days.

1 - Take the Bag to a local representative to be repaired.. After asking where or whom to contact I was cut off..

2 - Contact a company in America, (I Presume) and have them replace it under warranty. What??

3 - Buy a New one.

4 - Go to the shop i bought it from and have it replaced! This made no sense whatsoever as I bought the whole kit M18/KB/Mouse/Headset/Backpack from Alienware...

Alienware Phone Support and in particular a guy Called Ivan has been great. This fellow has tried to put me in touch with the correct people on three or four occasions now and has escalated as high as he is able..

Unfortunately Dell support reps/Customer reps have no idea how to sort this out. So what is their answer to me? They cut me off..

Customer support today alone transferred me to the sales dept with no explanation while i was in mid sentence to the Sales Dept.

The Sales dept then listen to me and transfer me back to the Customer support Dept. And guess what? Without a word and not letting me finish what I am saying I am transferred to sales once more and it all starts all over again..

The result of all this...? Dell will not repair or replace an Alienware Backpack that is less than 10 months old. If the fault would have happened with 6 weeks of purchase I could have gotten it replaced..

So.. they expect me to buy a new one every 6 weeks...

Damned well not happy at all and flabbergasted.....


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Jun 3, 2014
I have the 17 inch bag and it did the same thing.... I went out and got a new bag. Was easier than fighting for a warranty coverage.

interesting with no warranty on it since according to amazon where i bought mine it clearly states lifetime warranty :)

Resilient high-density nylon encases the backpack, sheltering your gear from harm. The back panel is molded and vented to provide air circulation to keep you cool and comfortable
A reinforced, weather-resistant, non-slip base provides added protection against the elements while easily bearing the weight of all your gear
Dedicated, padded pockets protect your laptop and tablet device in addition to the included power adapter bag to help keep your accessories protected from scratches
With the Vindicator Backpack's 3 large, main compartments and several additional pockets, you can be sure that you can bring all of your gear with you
With a dedicated padded laptop compartment, a soft padded pocket for your tablet device and specific spaces for files as well as zippered pockets for small accessories, you won't have to fish around to find what you're looking for
Lifetime Warranty
Strap in your headphones to a dedicated toggle strap that allows your headphones to be easily stored and easily accessed while on-the-go

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could try going direct to manufacturer


Jul 23, 2013
After hours and hours of phone calls and many many e-mails... The Bag was replaced.... Still cant belive the cheek of the guy telling me i should take it to a bag repair shop tho LOL... Just keep hassling them...
Was a while ago and i thought i had already updated this post until i read it again...