Alienware buggy keyboard


New Member
Feb 14, 2013
Recently came across an issue with a m17xr3 laptop that causes the "t" key to press "5" at the same time, and vice-versa, same with the "y"&"6" keys.

trying to clean the keyboard seemed to make no difference, and the keys are not sticky, nor do they visibly move at the same time. they move independantly of each other...

aside from taking apart the laptop to remove the keyboard casing and cleaning it/adjusting the positioning (due to warranty) not sure if the warranty would be breached. anyone come across this issue that may have a suggestion to try out if it keeps recurring? kinda want to avoid sending away to dell to have it fixed, as I haven't particularly enjoyed any of the customer service I've received in relation to Alienware products from any hardware standpoint lately, as much as I love this laptop.

Luckily mine works fine, (aside from having to reformat because it "forgot" what drivers were when a system update was in process months ago :p), but the other isn't doing so well currently

any help would be greatly appreciated

maybe some kind of keybinding issue or setting (if thats even possible without registry software)??