Alienware Command Centre - How To Change Colours Of The Lights WITHOUT the original motherboard? (Alienware Area-51 Alx QX9770)


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Jul 10, 2020
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Hi, I have recently acquired an Alienware Area-51 Alx QX9770 (In-fact the #008th Of 200) ever made. However it is not as original as you'd think. It has had a motherboard change prior to the old original Alienware one crashing and giving a BSOD. This was done years ago before I had it of course.. However after me now getting it and renewing the some of the hardware that it came with, I want to change the side and front lights with Alienware Command Centre but can't due the motherboard not being the correct, original one. I have followed this tutorial:

All I need is what originally would have been the BIOS details for the REGISTRY.
It'd be nice if anyone could get back to me and if the colours can be changed AT ALL since I don't know if they can be or not, since I am not the original owner and can no longer retrieve details about this machine.

Thanks for your help,