Alienware Command Centre not working

Hi All,

Yesterday I noticed Command Centre said that no AlienFX devices were deteced, so I closed the app and restarted the laptop.

Opened the app again, now it just doesn't load, all I get is a screen with spinning dots, like its trying to load.

I have uninstalled the app and the OC tool and reinstalled them with latest available software but still not working.

The laptop is Brand new (1 week old) M15 R3 i7-10750H, 16gb, 2070 Super with Per Key RGB. This is still lit up on the scheme I set originally.

Sorted it myself. When windows popped up with the old "Allow this program to make changes to this computer" instead of clicking yes each time and it still not working, I changed how the AWCCService starts.

open services.msc
Find AWWCCService, right click and click on Properties, change startup type from "Automatic (Delayed)" to Automatic. As a precaution, I also under the "Recovery" Tab changed the first and second failure to "Restart the Service".

Apply, OK, Restart laptop and now the Control Centre loads perfectly.


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