Alienware differences U.S.-Europe

HI All,
Question: Wondering why the Aurora Ryzen with the 5950x is only an option in Europe and not the U.S. ??
I have a Aurora 11 i9-10900kf with NVIDIA 3090 AND I have a Area 51m R2 with a i9-10900 NVIDIA 1660ti:
Now I am after the Ryzen Editon with the 5950x and 5800 is all that is available here at home in the U.S. Although
in Europe they have the option to go 5950x with the 3090. Any Help??
Thank U
Man that is a nice computer!! I wish i had a answer i hope you find it. Im sure someone out there has the answer.. Loving the 3090RTX i wish i had that. I purchased mine not 2 months ago and it came with a 2070 super RTX, you would think at 1700 dollars it would at least come with a 3060. Such is life.. Best of luck