Alienware Docking Station

How do you feel about having a dock port and docking station?

  • Yeah, that would be the icing on the cake!

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  • Nah, I really wouldn't use it.

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Feb 2, 2012
What do you all think if Alienware added at dock port connecter on the bottom of their laptops that allowed you to use an Alienware branded docking station?

The docking station would have its own power brick and would charge the laptop while docked.
All your monitors, USB devices/cables, and Ethernet cable connect to the dock and don't need to be constantly plugged in or unplugging cables.

Just dock it!

Update 12/23/16

The Alienware Graphics Amp is not a docking stocking. Including the AWA port on the docking station would be great! Never have to mess with cables again!
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Feb 2, 2012
When I use to hook up my M17x to all my peripherals, it was a mess of wires, constantly plugging/unplugging cables. Cables coming from all directions out of my laptop. With my M6600, it couldn't be any easier with the docking station. It has multi-monitor support, built in USB hub, and just one button to release the laptop from the dock. I can leave my laptop closed and just use the power button on the dock.

Alienware needs to put a dock port on their next models and make a cool Alienware docking station with an alien head that is backlit. It would blow away their competition. The first gaming laptop with a dock!

Here is my M6600 docked to my new 24" monitor that came in today. (don't mind that stray cable coming from the monitor on the right. It's just temporary and not hooked to anything.)




Feb 25, 2012
This would help a lot if implemeted. I currently have 4 USBs, 2 speaker cables, a VGA, and of course the power cord coming out of my M14x. Takes way to long to set it all back up whenever I plug it back in after getting home.


Feb 13, 2012
Sydney, Australia
I love docking stations. Use it all the time for work. Have 2 external monitors plugged in. So including the laptop screen I have 3. And I plug in all peripherals to the dock. And when I goto work, there is another dock there. So all I need to do is dock and undock my laptop. So convienient.


May 4, 2012
Been thinking more and more about a docking tray for my m17xr4.
Mainly after realizing its way more powerfull than my x51... I could save some money by selling off my horde of alienwares.

I still think that a dock that holds the computer on its side would make the best kind of dock though. That way you dont need to have desk space for the laptop, keyboard, mouse, and monitor. If the computer is just tipped up on its side you need alot less deskspace, generally if you have a laptop as your desktop you dont have alot of space for a full tower, so it only makes sense to have a small footprint.