Alienware FX malfuncion, black screen


New Member
Nov 18, 2013
Mexico city
Hey, i got a weird problem

You know that you can customize the colors of the keyboard to make it look cool?

Well for me it has this weird black screen that makes no sense, whenever i try to change the keyboard color, a black screen appears and i can't see anything, although the computer still works, because if i plug it into my tv, everything shows and works fine. In those cases i just have to change the keyboard back to blue (the only color it decides to work with) and the screen looks fine (no longer a black screen).

This fights with some games like Xcom enemy unknown or the witcher 2, where usually the keyboard changes depending on what's happening. In those cases if the game changes the keyboard color, the black screen appears.

I really need help, i don't know if it's a problem with windows 8 or the computer itself but it's really annoying!!