Alienware M14x R2 "Gaming Room"


Can you guys help me by suggesting some nessesities for a gaming room with the M14x as a key feature.
All I thought of:
A Gaming Mouse ( RAT 7? )
Laptop Stand ( An Odyssey DJ Laptop Stand ) - Will it support the weight of the laptop?
A Keyboard ( I am not familiar with any good ones )

Please suggest more!


Apr 12, 2012
I recommend an awesome desk, very imp imo with a lot of space if you have that to spare. I just bought an ikea galant corner desk and I love it.

As far as a keyboard I'd go with a mechanical keyboard, I used to have a alienware kb but I switched to a ducky shine 2 mx black switches, and it was like going from a tube tv to 1080p. The one I got is real hard to find, so id say go with a corsair k70 it comes with mx red switches and those are the "gaming" switches. If you have a frys around you I think they have the corsair kb to try.

tappin from a N E X U S
Well, if you have a budget that'd help. I bet everyone here could take it overboard to the extreme. Example:

R.A.T 9 Wireless
S.T.R.I.K.E 7 keyboard
Cyborg V3 Mousemat
Razer Ferox or something even bigger!
Second Monitor
LED lighting
Glass top desk with LEDs
Need I go on.. lol


May 4, 2012
I have the odyssey dj stand and I love it. Granted I use it for DJing, but it holds the m14x perfect.
Here it is with my m11x on it.