Alienware M15 Mouse Problem

Hi to other users, I bought my top of the range (I did not know this when purchasing) Alienware M15 32 Gig Ram, 2 x TB HDD after answering an add on Glumtree, It seemed like a great deal but soon went sour, the Mouse didn't work and I was made aware of this before buying it but the Speakers had issues and after a month the Graphics card failed, I wont bore you with detail of the adventure with laptop technicians but will say "expensive". With my new speakers and my newly "repaired" Graphics Card ( I would like a part number for the Graphics Card, mine is repaired and I want to get a spare whilst they are still around) I'm flying high but I want to fix the Mouse, I like using a hand held mouse but I am going to be doing a lot of Flying early next year and want to take my machine with me and it would probably be a good time to learn to use one, is there anyone who can direct me to the correct item somewhere? I have bought two, both turned out to be (allegedly) second hand and allegedly not operational, I want the real deal, new and undamaged so I can go back to the tech and say install and fix it please! Really, I am impressed with the performance of the machine, the sound quality is only adequate. I normally use headphones and there really is no comparison to that. I miss having a card reader on board and have to use a USB reader stick, which is going to be very inconvenient when holding it on my lap. My view on this machine is.
1. They should last longer, My Toshies are getting really old (Over 10 years) now and work flawlessly (Albeit Slowly), why do these highly rated and allegedly technically advanced machines seem to have so many problems.
2. Surely there's room for a card reader? and why are the speakers so deep (hard to get to) in the machine
3. Dell don't want to know me when it comes to parts, they don't supply them and told me so as soon as I made them aware of the model number and age of the machine, also they don't want to tell me part numbers so I can source the parts myself.
4. Everyone loves them but no one wants to fix them, they're the Mercedes Vito of the Computer World.
5. I can't complain about performance but I have yet to decide if the maintenance issues outweigh the inconvenience factor, the price, Dells Recalcitrance and the seemingly high failure rate of component parts. I may be critical as I don't know the machines history, I am not a gamer, perhaps its been flogged by a gamer and like a high performance car is breaking down now? Do Reviewers get paid, Cash or Kind to review, I don't often see truly critical or objective reviews of Alienware Product?