Alienware m15 R2 - NVIDIA Driver installation freezing


New Member
Aug 9, 2020

I have had my M15 R2 for over 6 months. It runs hotter than I would like while gaming, but I am used to it now.

I usually disable windows update (for allowed 2 months). But last week, 2 months were over and it installed some updates while restarting. On my next gaming session, the laptop crashed to a sky blue BSOD. Since then, I have been unable to completely recover my Laptop. I have tried many many times. The hardware diagnostics is clean and everything passes.

Clean installation of windows goes fine, but the moment I get to NVIDIA driver, whole laptop just freezes and starts running hot.
And on hard reset, it does not boot up. I have to boot into Revovery->Troubleshooting and do System Restore to get the Laptop up and running.

I have tried all multiple ways of installing NVIDIA Driver - Dell provided drivers, from GeForce Experience and using Windows Update as well. All the times, my laptop freezes halfway through installation and I have to repeat the above hard reset, system restore to use the laptop.

Any suggestions, what could be wrong with my System ?