Alienware M17: Battery Drain In 30 Minutes


New Member
Aug 27, 2021
Hello. I have an Alienware M17 running an I9 8950 Intel processor, 32GB RAM & a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080. We live in an area where power fails frequently. The battery life on the computer is extermely poor. I shut down everything and have the screen as dim as possible and in Task Manager I shut down anything unneeded. The battery still div3es from 100% down to 50% in about 20 minutes. It has been known to drop from 40% to 6% suddenly within a few seconds. Even if i have the lid closed on standy by it drains thje battery. The computer is only 2 years old. My last Alienware 17R never had this issue. My wife's Alienware M15 is also having the same issue. I have seen a few things regarding this but everything I have triued is useless. Support Assist and going into doagnostic mo9de does not reveal that the battery is the issue.

I am up to date on all drivers and BIOS as well as the most recent AWCC. I have the settings in there as Thermal: Quiet Mode, Overclocking: Off and Power: Balanced.