Alienware m17 R3 - massive wow fps drop when plugging in extended monitor


New Member
Dec 29, 2020

I've had this laptop only a few months. It has the Intel core i9, 32gb ram, and nvidia rtx 2070 super. i believe intel uhd also, which i assume runs with/for the nvidia.
anyway, i have an exteran lcd panel, a deus ex pro, that i use for work to have two screens when that is useful.

i had the bright idea of leaving it connected to have my email up or whatever when playing wow, but if i open wow while this 2nd monitor is plugged in (via the usb-c to usb-c port on the back of the laptop) the fps drops to mega choppy can't play/do anything, even on wow settings of 1 (i usually can do 9!).

if i unplug the 2nd monitor, things instantly rock just fine. i read a blizzard support article about using windows key plus p to go to single, then back to extend to fix, but this does not work.

thanks for reading.