Alienware m17


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Oct 14, 2014
Hey guys ! First of all, I'm not a heavy gamer or a tech expert therefore I'm seeking some advice on my build. Recently I just purchased an alienware m17(not sure which model and year but roughly 2014 model?) the following specs are i7-4710MQ CPU@2.t0GHZ, ram installed are 12.0GB and graphic cards are GeForece GTX 880M 5gb. Reason being for me to post this is I'm a multimedia designer and I mostly use my laptop for AE/3D/Video editing. I'm gonna replace my installed ram for 16GB or 32GB(which one is better?) and change my SSD to 120/254gb. Is there anything should I swap out? Besides that, my country weather is quite hot and my GPU tem is always around 60+ is there anyway to better cooling the system down? I saw some guys swap out the fans for a bigger fan? Bottom line, took me 5 years of saving and deciding on buying one and all I can say it's worth it =)