Alienware m17x R3 gpu upgrade

Hello everyone,

I know this has been discussed on many other forums as this is an old model of Alienware that i have but i still wanted to know the differences. Currently I have (or had) gtx460m that started giving me problems and has almost completely stopped working so I was looking for an upgrade/replacement. I had seen some good online buys for the gtx460m so there is that option for getting the same thing but what I wanna ask you guys or get a suggestion on is that should I upgrade to a better card (which i can, as the price diff is not that much). I have looked into compatible cards with BIOS updates for my R3 and for my 3d screen that runs at 120hz, namely the gtx580m, gtx765m, gtx770m, gtx780m. I mean obviously one would go for a more recent or better hardware card but all of these cards have a lower score than the gtx460m on, whats up with that ? How is this card better even from the acclaimed gtx780m ? All this has left me really confused and any help or suggestions would be really appreciated, thanks in advance.


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May 11, 2017
Nonsense. GTX 780m is way more powerful than 460m.
If you have the money, go for 780, however, it have power consumption of 122w (Your old card have 50w), so have in mind that it will run way hotter and depending on your CPU, your AC adapter my not be enough. (But it probably will, or you can alway buy 330w one)
Or, if you want middle way, I can recommend GTX 675m. It is cheap and pretty good.