Alienware M17x R4 8 beep on startup.


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Aug 28, 2017
I was playing a Video game and talking to my friends trough Discord. Then the Screen suddenly turned black and began to beep. But I was still able to hear my friends. Some Seconds later on the Laptop shut itself down. (I was playing trough a Monitor) From now on everytime I try to start my Laptop the Screen is black (LCD and external Monitor) and starts to beep 8 times. I thought it could be the Graphic Card, but wouldn't I see the Bios atleast?

Please help me out!
I'm having the same issue with my R3. But what I can gather is that it's a BIOS issue. Mine didn't crash from a booted-up state. But in trying to get my discrete graphics card to be recognized by the BIOS, I changed the graphics mode from SG to PEG. After reboot and now I'm having the exact same issue. No picture (Black Screen) with repeating 8 beeps.

From what I've gathered so far is that it's a BIOS issue, hence why your BIOS doesn't show. I'm going to try resetting my BIOS by removing the CMOS button battery and putting it back in after making sure that all power has been drained out of the capicators.