alienware m18x r2 gtx 680m sli ---low 3d mark scores


Oct 20, 2013

just got my 1st m18x r2 today and boy oohh boy is it a machine or what ...

I have windows 8 , installed and the latest drivers etc , but my score for 3d mark 11 is not that good , my specs are mentioned in the validation link .

I have 2 gtx 680m n sli , but I get like 10,000 in 3d mark 11 which I think is a low score , I saw on various other threads ppl getting like 15k scores .

so whats the issue , I have sli enabled , in valley benchmark also my score was like 900 points lower then another r2 machine with similar specs .

is this due to windows 8 , or the drivers or the alien fx program , I have the system in performance mode .

can some one please help me .

p.s ....also cpuz validation does not show both gpus ,only shows 1 gpu , where as gpuz screen shots and afterburner all show both gpus .


Apr 16, 2014
Check your GPU temps. I use MSI afterburner on mine. I had a similar problem with mine and GPU 1 temps were going above 90c and causing that card to throttle back killing my scores. I have also read that Alienware "in some cases" forget to pull the plastic off the heat sink before they install on the video card. Another thing is the ribbon cable for the SLI. On mine it doesn't snap on to the video cards well and yours may have come loose during shipping not allowing your cards to run in SLI. It can be a few things but, that is what I would check first...