Alienware M18XR2 Gtx 980m


New Member
Apr 21, 2019
Hi, since I have an Alienware M18 XR2 with Bios A12 original unmodified and I wanted to install a Gtx 980m that I already have
I was wondering if I need to update the Bios or can I install the Gtx 980m in the slot and then install the drivers?
I ask because I have read that in many cases the Bios must be unlocked ... and I wouldn't know how to do it
Thanks in advance for the help ,-)


Staff member
Mar 19, 2012
Hi. You will need the unlocked BIOS. You'll have to go to Techinferno to get it unfortunately unless you can get someone on Reddit to send it to you. There are certain things that must be changed in the BIOS to get the card to work. I have been thinking of doing the same for my M18x R2. I currently have dual 780M's in mine and since I still play older games they still do the job for me.
Once you have the BIOS installed then it's pretty simple as long as you follow all the instructions.