alienware merchandise self made, created

hello i am looking for a buyer. that lives in the netherlands.

i whas 1 off the biggest alienware nl fan.
but with trouble i have gotten with most off dell support i. ( computers al ready gone) that selling a my alienware merchandise.

that i have created.
what stuuf is it?
2 alienware t-shirts.
1 alienware clock,
1 alienware cup,
3 alienware medals,
3 alienware price cups,
1 alienware mirror,
1 large alienware canvas painting,

about the price we can talk

if you want see photos i can make them.
i can send it but send price is gone be high. best way is picking it up

only in the netherlands.

not outside off it.

i hope to see some people that are willing to have unique alienware stuff

greetings 031Dutch