Alienware P2 Chassis FOR SALE

I'm parting with my classic Alienware Predator 2 (P2) chassis, and would like it to end up in a good home.

It's a fabulous blue, came to me as an Area-51 7500 build, is packed safely away it's original shipping crate, complete with finely crafted user manual binder.

Area-51 ALX system.jpgAlien P2 Chassis.jpgAlien (1).jpgAlien (2).jpgAlien (3).jpgAlien (4).jpgAlien (5).jpgAlien P2 chassis (20).jpgAlien P2 chassis (21).jpgAlien P2 chassis (22).jpgAlien user manual.jpg

Uses AlienFX software to customize and control multi-color LED case lighting. Themes and configurations can be shared in the Alienware community.

An Alien P2 chassis is for a hardcore lover of classic Alienware gear, who appreciates just how advanced, unique and novel this stellar case was when introduced. :cool:

I'm asking a modest price, plus shipping from Toronto, Canada.
Oh pretty. I've been thinking about a case as well. Is it a steel construct or aluminium?

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Steel construction. Heavier than more recent cases and full-size. Can take ATX, mini-ATX or E-ATX motherboards.

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So what's the price? Why don't for sale threads in here ever have the price in the op? Imo that should be a rule.

I'd take $65 for it, O.B.O., plus shipping of course, as I already mentioned.
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