Alienware Resource DVD

Jun 9, 2015
So my Area 51 was delivered and I had nothing but issues, shipping, SATA drive errored, my resource DVD was blank, OS would not boot, thankfully I created a restore image on one of my SSDs and I was able to get back up and running, dell is making me wait 3-5 days for delivery of my free game, and now, dell was susppose to send me the Resource DVD but instead they send me the WIN8.1 OS Recovery disk. Its cool, and could use it, but can someone tell me about what is on the resource DVD?? Do I need it, can I download it???
Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Don't need it. I have about 9 of them for different machines. All you need is the service tag on your machine and you can get all the drivers and software you need for your particular machine from the Dell website