Alienware TactX mouse

Disregard this from the give away and the desire to win one any how, but what are peoples opinions of it?

I got one with my m14x as a promo back in February and well... I hate it. It's too flat to be used comfortably. my ring+pinky fingers are forced together and off at a slight angle where they touch my mouse pad and create resistance. Overall it doesn't feel like it's been made to fit a mans hand. I've kept it on the packaging locked away until someone hopefully purchases it from me off kijiji.

The plus side is the two side buttons, which I remapped to increase/decrease DPI settings. When sniping in tribes it helps. But then again so would the RAT series.

GD on the Alienware Tactx mouse


Apr 11, 2012
its very expensive at Malaysia..i hope i have fren from us that can buy for me all alienware M18X cost me about RM20,816 for all the customization that i made..its really far from the actual price at u.s..but dell wont ship that M18X to i must buy it from agent..


Feb 25, 2012
From the dozens of reviews I've read about this mouse it's actually not a very good product at all. In fact, you shouldn't even consider buying it because most of the people who wrote reviews stated that the mouse pretty much stops working anywhere from 3~12 months after buying it. They also say that the cable for it is bad too. A lot of them said they had to cut the braided cable off the keep it from fraying and kinking the actual wire. There were also some complaints of the button placement and scroll wheel as well as the drivers to get the AlienFX to work.

The sheer number of negative reviews convinces me that this isn't a good mouse to buy. >_>


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
I dont know about the Tactx mouse but if you want a really nice mouse i would have to say that my R.A.T is fantastic. It fits my hand perfectly and is super comfortable. It's quick and easy to change the settings on too. I just have the basic R.A.T 3. Each to their own though. I'm sure there are many that wouldn't like it.