Alienware Theme

First of let me introduce myself
Im Levon Carty
from the netherlands
received my AW R4 this month the 5th
and am still pretty new on this site


i have a question maybe you can help
i have a dutch windows givin with my alienware system
but i want to install a english one is there a place i can download the same theme i have now
i think its called mars red

ive looked on google but only find themes that change everything from cursors and icons to the win start button
which i dont want

cheers, lev


Oct 26, 2012
Toronto ON CA
Use this...
Log in is the only thing that needs to be changed, the boot screen should stay the same.

Grab the background you want from your current install or from google images.

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Correction the boot screen will be the windows logo after a new install. What is it currently for your system?
There are ways to customize it with animated alienware logos, if you want to change it ill send you a link.