Alienware upgrades


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Jul 7, 2015
Hi folks,

Don't know how active this forum is given it's low number of threads, however I thought I would see how I go.

Let me start by highlighting that I had high expectations when buying this laptop and I could not be more disappointed in the performance of this machine. Sorry Alienware lovers. The CPU (i7 5500U), for what I want, is holding this machine back significantly. I will also admit that I bought the machine not for gaming (which it may excel at) but as a good, high performing allrounder for work. I will also put out there that I was hoping to run windows in a VM as my day to day OS however this is next to impossible with the CPU constantly maxed out and the performance is terrible.

Anyhow, I am stuck with this machine for the next few years seeing as it cost so much, so...
I understand the CPU and graphics card can't be replaced easily, however I am trying to find information on how this might be possible.
Does anyone know if you can buy a motherboard/CPU and graphics card and replace the existing one. I figure throwing more money at this machine and actually getting something that works is better than how it currently is.