Alienware x51 graphics card upgrade


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Dec 27, 2015
I have an alienware x51 R2? I have purchased the computer in 2014. It has an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 Ti, and I think its on its last life. My screen kept going black and saying no signal and sometimes says "display driver stopped responding and has recovered" also tried updating it as well still the same problem. Now I want to purchase a new graphics card. Last I want to do is buy a whole new computer. Anyways, I searched up 3 different graphics cards.,#Overview

I have no idea which graphics card to get, I'm thinking the MSI because I heard of that brand before, but all I want is a good quality graphics card that will last. Also need to work with my power supply at 330 watt, because of the external adapter. The graphics card need to handle Team Fortress 2 and especially GTA V which probably overworked my GTX 760. I also run a 144hz Asus VG248QE gaming monitor, so it has to be compatible with it as well.

Also the PNY graphics card is compatible with most Alienware but they didn't list the x51?
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