alienware x51 problems

hi there alienware members

any 1 that haves a x51.

i have detected a problem.
when the x51 stand right up. en the alien head fx wil not work at few colours
the only colours that can used by my system. is green, yellow, orange, dark orange, red,
all the other colours dont work when its standing.

when i switch the alien fx head to the other position
all the colours will work just fine.

how can i fix this?

i got some little problems too, i got "Soundpopping" im watching Youtube or something then evry 2 Minutes i got a little Soundplop (sounds terible)

if u have that too, then ust update the BIOS from A01 to A03 (its very Easy because AW is using a .exe) If u overclocked ur X51 u will loose the changes.