Alienware X51 R1 Gainward GTX 970 4GB = Reboots (WHY?)


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Nov 20, 2014

i have an Alienware X51 R1 with GeForce GTX 660 and 330W PSU. I wanted to do an GPU upgrade and bought a Gainward GTX 970 4GB ( I've udpated the BIOS, installed the latest drivers and everything seemed to boot and work fine. Then i've started some games. In "Assassins Creed Unity" i'm getting a reboot after 30-60 seconds of playing. "Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor" does a reboot constantly right after the start.

I've done some tweaking and logging and found out it's not a temperature nor voltage problem. Underclocking the GPU -150MHz seems to make the system more stable though (I still need to do a test over a longer time).

Now here is my question: Why? Is it a PSU problem? The GPU has a TDP around 145W so it actually should work. Are there some other limitations of X51 R1 which could cause the reboots?

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